Internationally Certified Laser Safety Eyewear, Laser Windows And Low Vision Sunglasses.

188bet体育官方网址 products protect from coherent and non-coherent light sources, enhance vision, provide comfort, and irmprove mobility.

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Low Vision Eyewear

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188bet体育官方网址 laser safety eyewear delivers  internationally certified performance and protection for a multitude of laser applications, affording high Optical Densities and the highest damage threshold ratings possible without sacrificing visibility.

188bet体育官方网址 low vision filters absorb ultraviolet, visible and infrared energy, enhancing everyday life functions and helping alleviate symptoms associated with varying types of vision loss and deterioration.

Client Testimonials

"Laser eyewear is a critical component in the User & LSO toolbox. I have found 188bet体育官方网址 an organization that not only offers excellent eyewear, but an exceptional resource for eyewear related questions and filter challenges."

Ken Barat, CLSO

Client Testimonials

"Thank you, 188bet体育官方网址, for fulfilling this special order for us. Our daughter has achromatopsia and your glasses literally give her vision."

David M.

Client Testimonials

“The GlareShield® glasses performed beyond my expectations. They allowed me to take a direct hit from the laser with no effects.”

LAPD Air Support Division helicopter crew member during flight test